Akrien Hacked Client Minecraft 1.12.2

The rather old hacked client Akrien, despite its age, is still being updated and works on Minecraft servers 1.12.2. Stable work is the main advantage of this client, for which many players fell in love with him.

You will definitely enjoy enjoying this incredible game with cheats. This client looks pretty good and has few functions (and many are not needed for a full-fledged game). In any case, this is a full-fledged hack that allows you to use the maximum capabilities on the server.

If you use Akrien, you can be sure of your safety, because the most advanced anti-cheat bypass is applied here, allowing you to easily avoid the ban. In addition, there is an account manager (a trifle but nice). Let’s not get hung up on such trifles and move on to analyzing the functionality. Here are only the most top-end and necessary cheats that any minecrafter will need: killaura, aimbot, speedhack, flyhack, pvp hack, x-ray and a few others. In general, even this list will be enough for you to win anywhere.

For those who seem to have few functions, they will have to look for another cheat, since this is all there is. On the other hand, the functions work quite well and there are no failures in work here.


Akrien b14


Alt Manager

How to install:

Drop the file into the .minecraft/versions folder and then run it as a version. Installation instructions.

Download: akrien-b14

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