Azura Hacked Client Minecraft 1.8 – 1.8.8

Azura is a multifunctional cheat client for your game that can surprise even the most experienced cheaters in Minecraft. This hack is easy to use and has the coolest settings for your victory.

The top cheats are collected here because the author of the cheat tried hard for us ordinary players. In total, about 70 functions have been collected, each of which will definitely come in handy for you. Killaura, speedhack, flyhack, x-ray and other opportunities are of course available here, and each of them is just the top. It will be easier to play now.

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Hacking the server used to be quite difficult because cheats were like mods and were installed the same way. Today, hacked clients like Azura make it possible for even a noob to be a cool player on the server in an online game.

This client is distributed completely free of charge, which makes it even more relevant since not everyone has the money to buy cheats for Minecraft. The appearance of this client is extremely pleasant and good, it is pleasant to use. Hack the server where you are playing and feel the power of cheats that are easy to use!


hack Minecraft 1.8

cheat functions

pvp hack


This cheat client must be installed as a version for Minecraft, that is, place the files in the versions folder. This tutorial will help you.

Download: Azura0.3.1

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