Black Hole Hacked Client Minecraft 1.8 – 1.8.8

Black Hole is not a bad cheat client for beginners, as well as for dupers. It has unique features, as well as a bunch of built-in standard ones.

Not that much can be said about him. However, according to the creators, the cheat is capable of snagging things, which will make you incredibly rich on some servers. But he is not only capable of this, because it includes not bad pvp functions. Not the best at the moment, but for beginners and people looking for variety it will do.

cheat 1.8

Still, he is not a competitor to such cheats as impact and kami blue, and for an amateur. But it’s always worth trying, the main thing is not to overuse it. As for the design, everything is really cool here, let’s tell you more. First of all, it is worth noting the convenient and functional GUI menu. The advantage is the ability to change the color of the menu, thereby allowing you to choose the style you like.

The cheat functionality here is extremely large and incredible. There are many different possibilities for dupa cracking chests as well as griefing on the server. If you are looking to hack a server, then this hacked client will definitely suit your goals.


Black Hole hack


killaura Minecraft


Place all the downloaded files in the version folder and start spreading everyone left and right! Installation instructions.



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