Flux B11 Hacked Client Minecraft 1.8 – 1.8.8

Flux B11 is one of the most stable and time-tested versions of a new level hacked client. This cheat is used by hundreds of players. If you want to hack the server, then you definitely need Flux.

Using cheats is a fairly simple process today, because all you need to do is download a special client. Such a hacked client contains a number of cheats that can be used to hack the server.

Using cheats can be punishable by banning your game account, which, of course, is extremely unpleasant. That is why clients add anti-cheat bypass to hacked, which allows you to bypass a large number of server protections.

The design of this client is quite beautiful and has no analogues. Of course, many are trying to copy the functionality and appearance of Flux, but very few people succeed in doing it well. It must be admitted that this is the most popular and well-known cheat client that has been one of the working and really verified clients for more than five years.



Just put the cheat folder in the version folder. Launch and start the game! Read more about how to install it here.

Download: Flux1.11

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