Hedes Hacked Client Minecraft 1.15.2

Hedes is a hacked client that was created by one of the developers of the legendary Nodus. This client has become a competitor to all popular cheats, because it has everything in its best form.

Another client came to our review, but he is by no means a passing one, but one of the best options at the moment. Let’s take a look at its advantages and features.

hedes killaura

First, it should be noted that this client was created by one of the developers of the legendary Nodus, which was the best cheat for version 1.8. Secondly, it has collected in itself all the best features that will allow you to dominate any fight.
Thirdly, and the most important point for this client is advanced anti-cheat bypass.

It doesn’t make sense to use cheats if they don’t work and this client solves this problem. It has bypass anti-cheats AAC, NCP, Spartan, Matrix, Mineplex, Hypixel. Fourthly, it has an advanced design that will delight many players. The problem with banning an account can be easily solved by bypassing anti-cheats that is already built into this hack client for your Minecraft.


Minecraft 1.15.2 hack

Minecraft hacked clients


This client is installed as a normal forge mod. Something? Do you know how to do this? Well … just move the downloaded file to the mods folder, launch the forge version of Minecraft and enjoy. Installation instructions.



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