How to Install Hacked Client for Minecraft

The so-called Hacked Clients for Minecraft in the community is a collection of cheats that allows you to use cheats in a convenient menu. Each client differs from each other in appearance, number of functions, build quality as well as reliability.

In general, it is only up to the player to decide which hack he will use to play on a server or a single player game in Minecraft. This instruction will help you to easily, simply and quickly install the hacked client for Minecraft and start using it.

  1. Download Fabric installer
  2. Run the Fabric installer
  3. Select Install Location
  4. Download the Fabric API
  5. Download hacked client
  6. Place both hack client and the fabric API in your %appdata%/.minecraft/mods folder.

Note: Do not use the OptiFine HD UF4 version as it contains a bug that breaks X-Ray. It is worth using only the HD U F3 version.

Now you can use your hacked client in the game using the most needed cheat functions.

Let’s look at the main problems that you may face when using cheats in Minecraft:

  • You should turn off the antivirus when installing and using the client (this is due to the fact that the antivirus can recognize a file or archive with a cheat as a virus, although each file is checked).
  • If the cheat client does not work, it makes sense to restart your PC and try to use it again. If it doesn’t work, you may have made a mistake while installing the hacked client.
  • Do not forget that even if the server’s anti-protection did not work, you can always get a ban from the server administrator who will notice the use of cheats.
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