Impact Hacked Client Minecraft 1.12.2 – 1.16.5

Impact is a hacked client for Minecraft that needs no introduction. This is the most popular client, which has over 130 functions in its arsenal.

This client is incredibly popular, and it would be strange if we did not add this cheat to our archive.
The popularity of this client is primarily due to the free old versions up to 1.16.5, as well as the best working functions and baritone. Just the last is a huge feature of the client, which is rarely found in others, only in some wrust and other not very popular cheats.

Impact has collected all the best cheats, and there are also many unique ones.

Advantages of this client:

  • 130 functions, most of which work properly on servers and remain unnoticed by anti-cheats.
  • Baritone and many unique cheats.
  • Flexible configuration, account manager (also not licensed). Friend list.
  • Ideal for any style of play, and will make the game easier for everyone.
  • Suitable for pvp players, but at minimum salaries.
  • Large community and many tutorials on detailed customization.
  • Cheap paid version.
  • By far the easiest and best option for a newbie to cheat.


  • Popularity also entails competition among cheaters. This means that among the cheaters, you are unlikely to be the best.
  • From the minus above it follows that the impact is not the best pvp functions, and the same kami blue is better.
  • The cheat for new versions of Minecraft is available only to donators.
  • Sometimes the baritone lags, for example auto walk. This can lead to death.
  • To prevent anti-cheats from working, you have to carefully select the settings for almost every server. This applies in particular to kill aura.
  • Definitely not the best crystal aura. Most likely in the pvp crystal you have no chance against other cheaters.
  • Bottom line.

Most of the cons are not that hard, and this is a pretty nice leading cheat. This client is easy to play with, and it satisfies all the needs of the average cheater.


How to install:

This cheat client must be installed through a special installer. There are two versions, jar and exe, for your choice. By running these files, the cheat will be installed in the Minecraft folder. This is done so that by downloading the installer you can officially download the latest version without any intermediaries. Of course, it is not fully known what is being installed and where; however, Impact is the most popular cheat, and if there were some viruses in it, not indifferent people would sound the alarm. Instructions for installing a hacked client.

Download: exe-and-jar

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