Meteor Hacked Client Minecraft 1.17 – 1.17.1

Meteor is a new hacked client that hit the masses right from the depths of hell – the 2b2t server. Sharpened for victories and survival in extreme conditions.

This cheat has many advantages, and perhaps it is worth starting with the fact that it is tailored for anarchic servers. And these cheats come out the best, take for example impact or kami blue. And this client is not deprived of the paucity of functions. It has built-in killaura, many unique pvp functions, and a bunch of modules that simplify the game.

Meteor Client

Now you can count on the first place in any pvp battle or mini-game. SkyWars, BedWars and many other mini-games will be incredibly simple for you. The appearance is just as well worked out here, because this cheat remains relevant even in 2021, since the author is constantly updating his brainchild.

The cheat client is really very good and today it is difficult for him to find a replacement because many hacked clients are already outdated and not updated. This cheat is designed for the latest versions of the game 1.17 and 1.17.1.


Meteor 1.17.1 hack

hacked clients

Minecraft 1.17.1 hacked clients


This cheat client must be installed as a fabric mod, and how to do it you will find in this manual.



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