SalHack Hacked Client Minecraft 1.12.2 – 1.16.5

SalHack is a hacked client that was made specifically for 2b2t, and that already says something. Because it is on this server that such top cheats as impact are used.

Does the name 2b2t mean anything to you? The toughest server where steel was hardened. All popular cheats became like that precisely because they were created for this server. And this client is exactly the same.

hack minecraft 1.16.5

This client is gaining popularity, used by many 2b2t youtubers. This is because it has over 70 tough features that will surely delight you. Among the functions I would like to mention killaura, aimbot, speedhack, flyhack and others.

Each player wants to be the best and this is quite difficult because the number of players who donate increases every time. Donations are not always an affordable option to get an advantage, which is why it makes sense to use cheats. This client hack works just fine and is able to bypass the most powerful anti-cheat protection. There is also an alt manager, this is also a small plus for this hacked client and a plus for you.


salhack settings

cheats 1.12.2


Replace the jar file of your version of minecraft and run it. Further, it remains only to enjoy your dominance on the servers. Installation instructions from this link.



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