Sigma Hacked Client Minecraft 1.16.5 – 1.8

Sigma is a popular hacked client that has unique features and capabilities. And also includes more than a hundred cheats that will be useful to any player.

Sigma is a cheat client, which in a short period of time has become a competitor to all known popular cheats. Like impact or kami blue. And it’s not just sigma’s good working features, but it’s also unique. The client can be used for all versions of Minecraft starting from 1.8. This will allow you to quickly switch to different servers without restarting the game.

Let’s take a ride on the unique features of this client:

  • The ability to switch versions without restarting the game.
  • Ready-made profiles for various popular servers such as 2b2t.
  • Intuitive and beautiful interface.
  • There are two designs to choose from.
  • In the paid version, you can listen to music directly in Minecraft.
  • You can change accounts right in the game.
  • More than 100 functions.
  • Nice workaround for popular anti-cheats.


  • You cannot just change the nickname in alt meneger. You must have a license.
  • Some features only work for the premium version. For example, a player.
  • Expensive premium – 20 euros.
  • Not the best killaura and crystalaura. However, acceptable.
  • Long updates to the current version.


How to install:

Drag the Sigma 5 folder to your versions folder in your minecraft directory! Detailed instructions.

Download: Sigma5

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