Top 5 best hacked clients for Minecraft 2021

Today we have selected for you the best hacked clients for Minecraft that will help you hack the server and use the best and proven cheats. These cheat clients are the most popular and time-tested by thousands of players. This top is based on user ratings and the popularity of hacked clients.

1. Wurst


Almost every cheater in Minecraft knows this hack because it is very popular. The authors continue to update this client to new versions of the game and thus it remains relevant today.

2. Flux


Unfortunately, this cheat has been abandoned to date (no updates are released for it). Nevertheless, this is a legendary cheat that continues to be used by a large number of players. This cheat has an excellent balance of design and functionality.

3. Wolfram

Wolfram hacked client

Quite an interesting hack that contains powerful functionality and powerful anti-cheat bypass. Enjoy the game with really incredible features that work flawlessly.

4. Pyro

pyro 2b2t

Initially, this cheat client was developed for the 2b2t server, but later players began to use it on all popular projects. This is one of the best cheats available today. Even in 2021, this client is used by a huge percentage of players.

5. Meteor

Meteor download hack

Constantly updated hacked client that has been updated even to Minecraft versions 1.17.1, 1.17 and 1.16.5. This cheat remains in trend and continues to be one of the most trending and hype hacked clients in the game.

If you do not know how to install hacked clients on your Minecraft client, use this instruction.

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