Wolfram Hacked Client Minecraft 1.8 – 1.12.2

A hack called Wolfram has been used by players for a very long time and has received the status of a popular and proven hacked client for Minecraft. Everyone who has used this client notes its stability and the ability to use top functions for free.

Of course, this client has long been available for the game, which means that it is already several years old, but nevertheless, thousands of players continue to use it. This suggests that the cheat works and it will be relevant for a long time.

hack wolfram

Surely you want to know what functions are available here. Let’s list only the main ones: flyhack, speedhack, antiafk, auto clicker, admin hack, killaura and many others. In total, there are about 50 selected functions, each of which is ready to work at your call. There is also a key bind so that the desired cheat can always be activated by pressing one key.

Alive has a standard appearance that does not distinguish this client from dozens of others. Here it is made in a simple style and will certainly not cause you any special emotions during the game. The main menu has a standard design, which can also be written as a minus for those who appreciate the beauty of cheat clients.



hack 1.12.2


This cheat client is installed as a version of Minecraft, that is, it is simply placed in the version folder. Installation instructions.


1.12 – Wolfram-v9.8-MC1.12

1.8 – Wolfram-v9.8-MC1.8

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