Wurst Hacked Client Minecraft 1.12.2

Wurst is one of the very first hacked clients for Minecraft that came out quite a long time ago. Now you can use this client on version 1.12.2 to hack the game and use functions like killaura, aimbot and others.

First of all, you should pay attention to the appearance of this cheat, it is really cool. The interface looks extremely modern and convenient as well. The GUI menu allows the player to select the desired functions quickly and efficiently. There is a large number of cheats collected here, each of which is good in its own way and will definitely come in handy for you.

The player is given great freedom because now he has many opportunities such as flying or advantages during pvp battles. Any function provided in Wurst will definitely come in handy.

A feature is also the ability to bypass any protection against cheats on the server. It doesn’t matter if you play on a small project or on such a giant as 2b2t and the like. The cheating community is constantly evolving and trying to create the best cheat clients, so choose only the best available.


hack minecraft

Wurst Hacked client 1.12.2


Before installing, be sure to turn off the antivirus because the file in the archive can be perceived as a virus. You can read the instructions for installing the hacked client here.



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